This materials unique properties make it ideal as:

A Growth Medium

  • Increased water and nutrient retention – the sponge-like properties and crystalline structure of the material provides an enormous area of adsorptive surfaces.
  • Vigorous plant growth – the material contains numerous beneficial plant compounds, including vitamins, hormones, growth promoters and humates.
  • Matrix for beneficial micro-organisms – These bacteria and fungi e.g. mycorrhizae (produced in-country from indigenous species) provide in effect a secondary root system with up to 700 times the active absorption surface.
  • Longevity – the material continues to be active in the soil for more than 10 years.
  • Salt buffering – the material buffers growing plants from high concentrations of salinity such as those found in arid soils and semi-desertified areas.

For Decontamination

  • For eradicating metal contamination, the material facilitates the exchange of lighter end metal ions for heavier ones.
  • The material absorbs hydrocarbon chains and complex molecules, preventing their migration and promoting biological degradation.
  • Metals such as lead, zinc and cadmium have been captured to a level above 99% and captured ions won’t leach from the medium within a wide range of pH.
  • Sustainable, organic and natural – the material is a sustainable, renewable, natural and wholly organic resource.