Banana Plantation – Philippines


The quality of these plants and fruit proved to be better than those grown without Zander.
Plants grown with Zander


Excessive use of mineral fertilisers in the Philippines has been used to promote banana production which has lead to increased yields but poorer quality. The crops have experienced huge problems with Sigatoka and Moko bacterial infection. Moreover the application of mineral fertiliser has resulted in distorted or undersized fruit. In May 2007 a trial plantation was set up using Zander base material and humate extract was applied over the 11 month growing period. In effect an organic system of cultivation was established and this led to higher quality fruit both in terms of uniformity and yield.

An investigation was carried out using of Zander Bio Humus  to restore carbon depleted soils, with the aim of helping create new banana plantations


Test beds were created, each containing four experimental designs…

  • 6 test beds containing 480 banana plants
  • 3 test beds were irrigated

4 experimental designs were:

  • Standard commercial practice (no Zander)
  • Zander compound 1
  • Zander compound 2
  • Control


Zander treated soil  resulted in a much early growth of bananas with reduced fertiliser use

The buffering effect of Zander Bio Humus meant that fertilisers could be used much more effectively at reduced cost to the grower.

Natural process highly suited to organic crop production: chemicals avoided!