Reafforestation Trial

Afforestation after big drought and fire in Andalusia.


The main objective was assessing the ability of the Zander Bio Humus  compound to promote the growth of trees in an arid zone that had been devastated by wildfire. Significantly, other ‘treatments’ had not been successful  and were regarded as failures.


A two hectare area was created and divided into 50 plots. Each plot supported  60 tree transplant of different varieties.


Notwithstanding that the project was conducted in an extremely hot summer, most trees in the test showed vigorous growth.  Zander   demonstrated that it is possible to re-establish trees in ground that had reverted to arid scrub land. The indigenous trees in the trial displayed the best growth parameters.

The Bio Humus water retention properties, together with the key humic compounds were considered the reasons for the trial’s success