Unique Bio-Technology

A Unique Material

The unique material used by Zander is a wholly organic silt-like material created by the natural deposition of plant remains over thousands of years and is extracted from freshwater lakes in Northern Europe where it has been immersed in an anaerobic environment for up to 12,000 years.













The Zander Corporation has carried out over 5 years of research and development with this substances and have optimised:

  • Acquisition methods
  • Material processing
  • Transportation


A Natural Solution

A natural waste from one area is being used to  improve the soils in another area

  • A sustainable and renewable natural resource in plentiful supply.
  • Used to improve poor soils
  • it’s extraction rejuvenates local lake environments
  • Can also be used to remediate the environment damaged by man.
  •  Is not replicable by artificial manufacture.

There are benefits to using this material both for the eco-system it is removed from and the eco-system is it used to improve. Whilst this material is a naturally produced substance it clogs up the lakes it is found in causing damage to the local environment.  To keep the lakes healthy it n