Zander Humus


Zander Humus  has an extremely high  organic content and is derived from  anoxic lake sediment. It is extremely water retentive and contains a large range of plant growth nutrients and natural hormones that stimulate early rooting in crops.

Only a small amount is required for individual plants and it is mixed with the local soil at the rate of 5 parts soil to 1 part Zander  Humus.





Zander Humus is suitable for arid and desertified soils, saline areas and promotes healthy, early establishment and long term support of all plants. Whilst it is known that organic matter buffers salt in contaminated soils, the effect is often temporary since most types break down quickly in the soil. However, Zander Humus, formed naturally over thousands of years can last for many years in the soil and provide a platform where soil to plant activities can take place unaffected  by the presence of salt. Tests have shown that even at 24,000 ppm salt level, a plant can grow successfully.

 Zander Humus can help improve poor and arid zone soils…

  • Increasing water and nutrient retention – the sponge-like properties and crystalline structure of the material provides an enormous area of adsorptive surfaces.
  • Promoting vigorous plant growth – the material contains numerous beneficial plant compounds, including vitamins, hormones, growth promoters and humates.
  • Creating a matrix for beneficial micro-organisms – These bacteria and fungi e.g. mycorrhizae (produced in-country from indigenous species) provide in effect a secondary root system with up to 700 times the active absorption surface.
  • Longevity – the material continues to be active in the soil for more than 10 years.
  • Clean – no harmful concentrates of heavy metals, pesticides or radioactive elements
  • Sustainabl, organic and natural – a renewable natural resource
  • Salt buffering – the material buffers growing plants from high concentrations of salinity such as those found in arid soils and semi-desertified areas.
  • Reduced soil erosion – increase root growth, mycorrihza and organic matter stabilises sandy soils.