Zander Humate Extract and Paste



Zander Humate is a concentrated, wholly organic liquid derived from  Bio Humus. It contains high levels of macro elements and beneficial trace elements. One of its main uses is to promote the growth and yields of crops and vegetables already planted. In addition it complements Zander Bio Humus and Zander Mycor by maintaining the nutrient status.









Zander Humate Extract Paste for compost making 

Zander  Humate Extract Paste is extracted from our Bio Humus in a similar way as our Liquid Humate Extract but comes as a paste, supplying levels of important macro- and micronutrients to the growing plant.

Composting green waste can be improved significantly with the use of Zander Humate Extract Paste. The humic acid content improves the nutrient holding capacity of the compost and encourages the growth of organisms involved with soil to plant reactions, hence enhancing the compost’s potency and longevity. It can be added to water as a wetting agent during the early stages of the composting process