Zander in Action

Zander products have been used in a variety of settings resulting in measurable and visible improvements in crop production. Our Gallery demonstrates some of the instances that Zander has been trialed.

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Greenhouse Crops

Zander technology is an efficient way of cultivating greenhouse crops. Significant economies can be made on irrigation and fertilizer because Zander regulates the supply of water to the plant and stimulates metabolic reactions that result in the optimisation of growth and fruiting.


Bananas  in the Philippines

Excessive use of mineral fertilisers in the Philippines to promote banana production has lead to increased yields but poorer quality. The crops have experienced huge problems with Sigatoka and Moko bacterial infection. Moreover the application of mineral fertiliser has resulted in distorted or undersized fruit. In May 2007 a trial plantation was set up using Zander base material and humate extract was applied over the 11 month growing period. In effect an organic system of cultivation was established and this led to higher quality fruit both in terms of uniformity and yield.