Zander Mycorrhiza

zander-mycorrhizaZander  Mycorrhiza contains Mycorrhizal fungi which  are group of naturally occurring soil organisms that associate with the roots of over 90% of all plants, in a mutually beneficial, symbiotic relationship.Suitable for: most flowering plants, house pot plants, vegetables, fruit trees, some conifers.
like thuja, yew tree and cypress. Beneficial mycorrhizal fungi connect with plant roots and for
a network of fungal fibres, bring water and nutrients.
They support the plant for its entire life and bind carbon dioxide in the soil.
Enhances plant nutrition, growth and health
Increases resistance to stress and drought
Saves water and fertilizers
Improves flowering, fruiting and yield

Mycorrhizal fungi act as a secondary root system, enabling plants’ roots to explore a much greater volume of soil than their own roots.

  • Mycorrhiza are beneficial fungi which act as a stimulate to root growth
  • Zander  Mycorrhiza growth medium provides a substrate for successful plant-mycorrhizal symbiosis
  • Successful trials in Kuwait now proceeding to commercial deployment
  • Zander have licensed mycorrhizae production, and have built a facility in the UAE for this purpose
  • Native mycorrhizal strains to be produced in-country from indigenous species

Current prices (excluding the UK)

Weight Cost/kg USD Shipping USD
Up to 100 kg 15.50 1.5 per litre
101-1000 kg 13.50 1.0 per litre
1000-5000 kg 9.50 0.5 per litre

Please Note

1 litre =  0.833 kg

Prices are correct as of September 2016, we reserve the right to change them without notice.

For U.K. customers:  please contact us for the latest price.