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  • Dubai Project: Traditional Soil Additives (left) with Zander (right)

  • Product from Sapropel Lake - 250,000 tonnes of reserves under licence

  • With Zander Products crops can be cultivated and vegetation re-established

  • Inoculation of plant root by Zander Mycorrhiza

  • Graminaceous crops form strong mycorrhizal relationships with substratum.

  • Bougainvillea without Zander (left); with Zander (right)

  • Left: traditional cultivation; right: Zander technology

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Zander Corporation (Zander)

Zander was formed in 2002 and is committed to the creation of living soils.

  • It is a British company created to research into a naturally occurring organic material that exhibits unique properties and capabilities.
  • It specialises in ecologically sustainable plant production.

Zander is dedicated to creating living soils and is engaged in agricultural, horticultural, forestry and ecological restoration projects across the world and has offices in the United Kingdom, Europe, the Middle East and North Africa.

The company is and has been developing commercial opportunities for our products cross the world. An ongoing programme is:

  • Developing dredging, processing and distribution technology
  • Acquiring new licences for raw material dredging
  • Creating production facilities


Creation of living soils

The Zander  range of products uses  a revolutionary and totally organic technology for the restoration of vegetation and cultivation of crops in arid, desertified and saline soils. It also has potential applications  for  locking up heavy metals  salts and organics that have been released into soils, for example crude oil.
The technology has been researched and developed by the Zander Corporation of the United Kingdom and over the past twelve years a number of trials have been undertaken in North Africa, the Gulf States and the Mediterranean Basin to demonstrate its effectiveness. Zander technology is based on natural products that are both environmentally friendly and sustainable.


The Benefits of Zander

  • Encourages early establishment of trees, shrubs and perennials, even in arid soils.
  • Reduces requirement of irrigation by at least 80%, in many cases over 90%.
  • Enables plants to exploit natural nutrient resources without the need to add chemical fertilizer.
  • Reduces pest and disease problems without spraying.
  • Optimises weight and quality of yield for fruit and vegetable production.
  • Can be used effectively to establish grass swards, golf courses etc
  • ‘One-off’ application only for orchards, forestry and landscaping trees means that very significant savings can be made on maintenance costs
  • Lo-tech system that can be used with existing machinery without significant extra investment


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